About - Graphite Dulux Creativo Microcement Kitchen

About Dulux Creativo Microcement

A quality of finish that is truly over the top.

With an unmistakable high-end feel, Dulux Creativo Microcement is the new way to elevate your project’s aesthetic.

Stylish yet practical, it is a versatile solution for creating more sophisticated indoor and outdoor spaces, perfectly suiting a wide range of horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Designed to enhance residential, commercial and industrial sites, Dulux Creativo Microcement is ideal for reinventing bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and stairs. The possibilities will be limited only by the imagination!

Its easy application and recommended low thickness (2-3mm) make Dulux Creativo Microcement the ideal solution to your existing interior and exterior walls and interior floors, eliminating the need to adapt interior fittings like doors and windows.

In no time, you’ll have replaced your old surfaces with a high-end, seamless concrete-look that is grout-free. Its low dirt pick up makes it easy to clean with neutral detergents. And being HACCP certified means Dulux Creativo Microcement can be used in high hygiene areas like food rooms or medical environments.

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