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Applying Dulux Creativo Microcement

Make your surface look its absolute best.


Dulux Creativo Microcement is a range of products applied by trained applicators to create on-trend seamless surfaces.  It is recommended that a site sample be applied by the craftsman who will complete the job to assess the product, colour, technique and finishing sealers.


Stylish yet practical, it’s a versatile solution for creating more sophisticated indoor and outdoor spaces, perfectly suiting a wide range of horizontal and vertical surfaces.

Designed to enhance residential, commercial and industrial sites, it’s ideal for reinventing bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and stairs. The possibilities will be limited only by the imagination!

Surface Preparation (General advice)

Surfaces need to be compact, sound, dry, clean and free from dust, grease, oil, etc. Pay particular attention to residual oil and waxes in the joints between ceramic tiles.

In basements, on ground floors, or wherever there’s the risk of rising damp (above 14%) apply a suitable epoxy moisture barrier.

Any expansion joint needs to stay free to absorb any structural movement.

On particularly glossy or smooth surfaces perform shot blasting or scarification of the surface, or apply one coat of Dulux Creativo Grip.

Colour Tinting

Dulux Creativo Microcement can be tinted to a limited curated colour range using Dulux Decorama® tinters – suitable for both interior and exterior applications. Choose from off-whites, greys ranging from light to dark, and our popular earthy tones.

The chosen clear coat will change the tone and gloss of the final finished colour and will need to be considered.

Additional Information

Once two Dulux Creativo Microcement components are mixed (Part A and Part B), the mixture has a pot life of one hour.

Don’t wet surfaces before application.

The use of shoe covers is highly recommended.

Refer to Product Data Sheets and relevant Duspec Specification for full details on application.

Clean Up

Clean equipment in water immediately after use.

Application Techniques

This product is designed for application by applicators experienced in the art of Microcement in accordance with Dulux® Acratex® specifications and procedures described in the relevant DuSpec® Product Data and System Specification sheets.

  • Refer to DuSpec® Product Data Sheets for specific product information and use relative to the specific product identified on the front label.
  • Refer to DuSpec® System Specifications for approved system details relative to the project.

Dulux Creativo Microcement Product Guide